1. droidntn's Avatar
    New Droid X (insert LOVE HERE)

    Is there an app or a way on the Android OS, that I can get a confirmation that a text message has been delivered to the recipients handset?

    Like on my old EnVtouch, it would say 'sent at so and so time, delivered at so and so time.'

    07-15-2010 10:27 PM
  2. officer629's Avatar
    You can see a delivery confirmation with the handcent app. It's under the menu option.
    07-16-2010 12:38 AM
  3. droidntn's Avatar
    The recent reviews on that said it wasn't very good. I can't help but think there isn't some setting in the X that I don't have right.
    07-16-2010 07:32 AM
  4. pmas's Avatar
    Long press the message. View report.
    07-16-2010 07:44 AM
  5. droidntn's Avatar
    Ok, I guess that MSG DLVD part is it. LOL. Doesn't give time, but says it was delivered.
    Cause code OK or MSG Dlvd
    07-16-2010 07:49 AM
  6. TootNBerry's Avatar
    Goto settings in the Text messaging and click the delivery report?
    07-16-2010 08:44 AM
  7. CRKhead's Avatar
    Been using Handcent for months now and haven't looked back... It is a free app, so give it a try. That's the best way to do it.
    07-16-2010 09:53 AM