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    You like to play games on your PC, but it's quite hard for you to configure them? Then, this app is for you!
    You can use "Console Commands" to configure everything you want easily and comfortably: sound, mouse, graphics, server etc. settings can be set with using "Console Commands". Also, this app may be useful for you, if it's uncomfortable for you to minimize your game to see the command in your browser. Moreover, there are explanations to every comment, and you can easily decide, if this item is useful for you, or not.
    Everything you have to do, is to open the app, choose a game (click on the icon of it), choose the item you want to configure (click on the arrow near its name) and enter the commands into your game console on PC!
    One new game will be added every weekend.
    11-25-2012 09:06 PM

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