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    Hey guys,
    I live in Argentina, i'm currently participating in a contest and i need all the help i can gather. I'll be really thankfull if you can give me a hand.

    I'll be brief. The contest's main points are:
    The award: a Galaxy S3.
    The objective: to have the most ChatOn friends.

    I'm not doing this for spamming purposes or any other motive other than for getting the S3.
    I'm not required to share any information. I just have to show ChatOn's friends quantity on my phone screen.

    You just need my country (Argentina) and my phone number to add me as a friend and send me a message so i can add you as friend too.
    I'll be really really thankfull if you guys can lend me a hand.
    Just to remind you, i'm not going to spam you or collect any other info or share any info with anyone else.
    I just want the S3 soooo badly.. =)

    Thanks in advance,

    Update: the contest finished and i didn't win the S3.. but thanks a lot to all.
    11-29-2012 10:48 PM

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