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    I just switched to Note 2 from iphone 4 and I need an app that can send to 150 people at once. When I woukd send to 10 people at a time I would start getting pop-ups that I was sending too many text when I would get through about 50 people. I was using an app called "group text" for my iphone where you had to disable "imessage" and "mms messaging". I wouldnt recieve group txt or pics but it doesn't matter because it worked. I downloaded group text from yhe play store but it looks like a different app from the iphone one. So when I used it not everyone recieved my text. The interface was perfect but it didnt work...and I got that same pop-up from when I would send 10 at a time. I send out daily text for my business so I have to find an app that will work. PLEASE HELP!!

    Maybe this app would work if I turn off mms or something. Not sure and super frusturated....
    12-01-2012 02:20 AM

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