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    Spotmole - the world's first automatic mole analysis app - allows you to take a photo of a mole or load it from the phone's gallery and next perform an automatic analysis in search of signs of skin cancer (melanoma). Spotmole just got better with the release of the ads-free full version SpotMolePlus. Download the payed version SpotMolePlus and you'll get the following:

    SpotMolePlus is an ads-free version of SpotMole.
    SpotMolePlus now comes in Spanish ! (default is English).
    SpotMolePlus comes with an additional skin cancer risk assessment tool!
    Detailed evolution of a mole includes a graph that shows how the features A, B, C, D vary in time.
    Now you can track the evolution of various moles in time !
    You may also preview the snapshots of a mole, the respective record dates and assessment results.
    You may set notifications to check your mole at a later time.
    More information on how SpotMolePlus works, tips on how to obtain a good approximation of the mole's border.

    SpotMolePlus is Finalist app at the AppCircus - MEDICA, the worlds largest medical instrumentation trade fair in Dsseldorf, Germany, 16.11.2012.

    Check it out at on Google Play App Store:


    or Amazon App Store:

    Amazon.com: SpotMolePlus: Appstore for Android


    SpotMolePlus is by no means a substitute for clinical diagnostics performed by trained dermatologists. SpotMolePlus is not a medical device and should not be considered as such. Regardless of the output of the program you are urged to seek medical advice if you have doubts with a particular skin spot - mole. SpotMolePlus assessment is for educational purpose only. Use SpotMolePlus at your own risk.
    12-04-2012 03:22 PM

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