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    Hidden Camera Scare Prank
    - Most sophisticated Scary application for android.
    - Use Light, Sound, Move and Time SENSORS to prepare scary traps.
    - Application allows you to TAKE PICTURE and RECORD VIDEO of whole scary moment.
    - Picture and video record can be by one click shared on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, .
    - You can chose from 15 scary sounds or use your own audio files.
    - App is supporting Front and Back camera.

    Free version

    Paid version

    Example of Sensor Scare Trap:
    - Light sensor turn on scary crazy noise after somebody come to room and turn on the light.
    - Audio sensor starts screaming after somebody tell something loudly during the sleeping.

    Paid/Full version bonus features:
    1. Video recording
    2. Picture taking
    3. Sharing FB, Youtube, Twitter
    4. Your own audio scary sounds
    5. No ads
    6. Updates 3 weeks before free version (Except bug fixes)

    How to use app:
    1. Think about your scary evil plan
    2. Chose type of sensor and set parameters that launches the trap
    3. Place your phone and the camera to see whole scene
    4. Press Activate trap, you have 10 seconds to leave crime scene
    5. Wait and look forward to execution of your Scare Prank
    6. Enjoy your triumph
    7. Publish picture or video at Facebook, Youtube, Twitter,...

    Our tips:
    1. Light Sensor Trap Tips Put phone to room with turned off light. (Bedroom, Garage, Hall, Living room) and wait for turn on the light. Put phone to closed drawer or wardrobe.
    2. Move Sensor Trap Tips Ask somebody to give him your phone. Put your phone at couch, bed, backseat of your car. Put phone at floor and set most sensitive level. Put phone to closed drawer.
    3. Audio Sensor Trap Tips Put phone close to sleeping person. Put phone close to entrance door.
    4. Time trap At public places (street, shop, cinema, station) give the phone to your friends, leave them and let them panic. Watching horror movie with your friends put your phone behind them.
    5. Extreme tip Connect your mobile output with loudspeakers to reach extreme scary noise sound. (Not recommended: May be dangerous and probably not fun anymore .
    Attached Thumbnails [App][2.2+] Hidden Camera - Scare Prank-main.png   [App][2.2+] Hidden Camera - Scare Prank-trap.png   [App][2.2+] Hidden Camera - Scare Prank-settings.png  
    12-11-2012 02:07 PM
  2. reholution's Avatar
    Nice practical usage of android sensors .
    12-13-2012 09:56 AM

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