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    Text utilities
    Text Analyzer is a multi-purpose suite of tools for various text operations.
    - Escape/Unescape URL's, URI's, & XML
    - Encode/decode Base64
    - Adjust cases to/from UPPERCASE, lowercase, sWITCH cASE, Title Case, First letter of sentence
    - Trim leading and trailing spaces
    - Convert String to hex and vice versa
    - Search and replace feature
    - Text statistics which include word count, line numbers, character count, space count, word occurences including percentages.
    - Import plain text files via SD or internal memory
    - Export changes as plain text files
    - Lexical density
    - Display word count based on word length
    - Display unique word count
    - Average word length
    - Characters without spaces
    - Convert binary to string and vice versa
    - Compare file or text differences w/ hilighting
    - Reverse string - reverse a string of text
    - Extract URLs - extract URLs from a given string
    - Length based search - search a given text and hilight words based on given size
    - Multi-word search - search for multiple words in one go
    - Cut to width

    12-14-2012 09:15 AM

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