1. jecilop's Avatar
    Is there a solution for this?
    I've noticed that apps I've reviewed and removed leave folders and data on the SD card after the uninstall from the phone.
    Can anyone help with this?

    Using Evo with software update, no root.
    07-18-2010 10:59 PM
  2. moosc's Avatar
    Just go in and delete the folders. Thats what I do.
    07-19-2010 04:05 AM
  3. takeshi's Avatar
    Either that or email the dev and complain though this solution will take a bit longer than just deleting the folders.
    07-19-2010 07:32 AM
  4. Chillout80s's Avatar
    I've been making it a habit now to go in and remove folders associated with the app I just removed. If you notice on your computer at home too, when you uninstall programs many times there are folders left in the "program files" directory too.
    07-19-2010 07:45 AM
  5. wmtoandroid's Avatar
    Leaving folders on the SD card is annoying, but doesn't create too much of an issue.

    I'm worried that some apps are leaving behind data on the PHONE and there's no way to remove it unless your rooted I would imagine.
    07-19-2010 09:09 AM