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    eXtream Software Development has released their app 'USB Audio Recorder PRO' to the Google Play Store. This app allows audio recording and playback using a standards compliant USB audio device, a first for Android. Many musicians and audio enthusiasts with Android devices have been waiting endlessly for this future, which is common on iOS devices. eXtream Software Development, as authors of the most advanced multitrack audio app 'Audio Evolution Mobile' for Android, saw a high need from their users to get high quality, low latency audio to their devices and spent several months writing a custom USB audio 'driver' from scratch.

    This USB audio capability is now available through their 'USB Audio Recorder PRO' app and will be integrated into 'Audio Evolution Mobile' by end of 1st quarter 2013.
    Required are an Android 3.1 or higher device, supporting USB host mode and a USB OTG cable to enable USB host mode and convert from micro-USB to full-sized USB. No root access is needed! Some audio devices need a powered hub if the Android device does not supply enough power.

    Link to the app and more information, including a link to a trial version:

    The multitrack audio app 'Audio Evolution Mobile' can be found here:

    For a list of tested devices and more information, please see:
    12-21-2012 07:59 AM

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