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    Actually, I just received the Galaxy S3 and installed Polaris Office since I'm an author and being able to open and work on Word .docs on the device is great. But I'm having trouble navigating around. When I open a file with Polaris. I get an error message "This document cannot be opened. I can open a plain text file, but then I can't find any way to close it. So far I've had to go into the Application Manager and force it to stop.

    I opened a Word document through Dropbox, and that worked fine. But when I start browsing around to check out the app, I opened Information and now I can't find anyway to return to the document. Even forcing both Dropbox and Polaris to stop, when I reopen the document, I'm still taking to the Information link.

    How do I maneuver around Polaris and get from one page to another?
    12-26-2012 10:04 PM

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