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    Good Evening together!

    I am learning Android Java developing since a while.
    For my first project, I considered that it does not give a vat calculator how it should be like I want it to!

    So I started to create an own vat-calculator that contains the most important tax rates of different countries around the world!

    Download Options

    You can download the VAT-Calculator FOR FREE at the google play store:

    VAT-Calculator Google Play Store


    • very, very, very easy to use
    • very clear and understandable
    • contains tax rates of more than 60 countries
    • you can calculate with own tax rates


    V 1.3
    • corrections for the new year 2013

    V 1.2
    • corrected typing errors
    • adaption to 2013 tax rates
    • adaption to 2013 tax rates
    • force close at Bosnia and Slovakia fixed

    V 1.1
    • first release


    Contact & Proposals

    If you have any error with the VAT-Calculator, so please contact me here: mseiz93@gmail.com
    I will answer the questions or proposals really fast for sure, I will implement sensible proposals immediately!

    Thanks for looking and best regards
    01-01-2013 02:19 PM

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