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    I had this thread posted over in the Droid X forum... however on second thought, I think the application forum would be the proper forum.

    Hopefully a quick question for you guys... I've been playing around with this for 2 days now and I dont know how to correct it. Since I'm new to the Droid environment, it very well might just be a Me thing..

    On my DroidX, when I click on the STOCK photo gallery icon, it shows (Camera roll, my tags, folders, all photos, etc..) In the folder icon it shows ALL of the folders that have images in them, including the installed applications. Same goes for the ALL Photos icon. It shows ALL of the wallpapers, icons, photos, etc that I have installed on the phone. I was looking for an option to have the gallery point to a specific folder that I have my pictures in...and NOT show everything else. However after 2 day's of looking around and researching this.. I've found nothing.

    Can anyone offer any help..? or is there a Photo Application that you've found that is better than the stock Photo Gallery..

    Thanks in advance for all of you help... You guys/gals at AC have been a great deal of help in the transition...
    07-21-2010 10:31 AM