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    Hello, for those interested I posted on the Play Store a new application to use the NFC chip in an original way: Badge NFC

    It 'a simple application that allows you to use an NFC sticker/tag as clock in/out. Place the tag where you want and whenever you touch the tag with your phone the app keeps track alternately of in/out actions, saving them in a database that can be exported to Excel
    Play Store Link
    BadgeNFC for Android - Home

    With PRO key ( 0.99) you can save your in/out actions on an online database and share them with a group of people ... for example, a small gym managed by a group of friends could put a preconfigured sticker and record to the online database all the clock in/out actions ... of course everyone has to have an Android phone with NFC chip ... but I guess you do not associate with Apple boys ...
    For example, I'm using this app at my office: I placed an NFC stick near my company clock-in machine so I can compare my in/out actions with those registered from my company ...

    I accept suggestions and / or criticism ... I'm not a developer by profession, only in my spare time ...
    01-04-2013 10:15 AM
  2. furius_'s Avatar
    Version 3.01 is out:
    - Holo style UI
    - New method to launch NFC action, using custom Uri with possibility to store custom name, action and one additional field
    Check it out!
    02-28-2013 03:13 PM

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