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    Quick add Stoned Fox to any image or picture from camera!

    The stuffed fox created by Adele Morse, taxidermist from Britain, was not her most successful work until it became a huge hit in Russian internet giving birth to hundreds of collages.

    With the application "Stoned Fox" on your phone, you can easily and immediately do a photoshopped pictures with "Stoned Fox" on it and share it with friends (facebook, twitter etc).
    It's simple, quickly and easy to use.

    ★ The application adds "Stoned Fox" in real time on an image obtained from a mobile phone camera.

    ★ You can resize, rotate, move the fox in the image without turning off the camera when using multitouch with no buttons. Having the right perspective will only have to click "Save" to save the picture to your mobile phone and send to facebook and twitter.

    ★ You have a photo to which you have long wanted to add "Stoned Fox", but to send and do not have time to edit? Not a problem! Select the photo you want to SD card phone and add "Fox" in a couple of clicks, add any appropriate parameres via multitouch.

    ★ A lot of variations of "Stoned Fox" image: traditional fox, Christmas fox, stoned fox - biker, fox with iron man helmet and so on.

    ★ Inside the application, there is also a large selection of photoshopped images with "Stoned Fox".

    Any suggestions are welcome, Stoned Fox

    Youtube Teaser :

    Gameplay video:

    Available on the Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...apps.stonedFox

    01-07-2013 04:25 PM

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