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    My resizable/scrollable contacts widget has just got some new features and published as a new app. Grab now from the Google Play Store.

    Project page and how to document.

    The major features including:
    * Add a list of contacts on your homescreen or lockscreen
    * The list of contacts could be either starred contacts or from any of your contact groups
    * Resizable with default size to be 1 * 1, or 2 *2
    * A large version with default size to 2 * 2, and a button at the bottom to directly launch the People app
    * Sort your contacts by
    ** Times Contacted, the most frequently contacted appear at the top
    ** Last Time Contacted, the most recently contacted appear at the top
    ** Display Name
    * A stack view based wiget(fixed size 2*2) can show your contacts with larger images
    * Supporting ICS 4.0.3+ devices, lockscreen only supported for 4.2+

    If you don't want to pay for the app, you can either download the Free version(Sorry, this version will no longer receive any update), or just build from the source.

    01-11-2013 08:26 PM

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