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    Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync get organized the simple way!

    Simple Organizer Pro is a powerful productivity app that simplifies the way you take notes, create and organize your daily tasks and manage all your personal events on your Android device and syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar.

    * Beautiful and rich user interface on all versions of Android
    * Create, edit and organize notes, tasks and events
    * Pin your notes, tasks and events to Androids notification area
    * Search notes, tasks and events with instant results
    * Set a priority for each task and event
    * Sort tasks and events by priority, by name, by date and time or by location
    * Organize your events in 2 ways: List View or Calendar View
    * Create repeating or all day long events with additional details
    * Setup personal event reminders via notifications, alarms or email
    * Gmail notification options for personal event reminders
    * Option to automatically unlock device on reminder alarm
    * View event locations on Google Maps
    * Quickly create notes, tasks and events via the built-in home screen widget

    * Full Sync with Google Calendar
    * Ad-Free
    * Import all content from Simple Organizer
    * Optimized for faster performance and less memory usage
    * Add images from your camera or gallery to your notes, tasks and events
    * View image previews or open full scale images with your favorite gallery
    * Share notes, tasks or events with your friends
    * Instantly create notes after selecting text or event directly from Calendar View
    * Batch delete notes, tasks and events using swipe gestures
    * Organize your personal events by Type
    * Personal Agenda for quickly viewing and editing upcoming events
    * Use swipe gestures while viewing notes, tasks, events or when navigating the Calendar and Agenda
    * Improved Main Menu layout
    * Change the default location for saving images
    * 2 additional widgets: monthly Calendar and Upcoming events



    Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mple.organizer
    Pro: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....organizer.pro
    Attached Thumbnails [APP] Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync-screenshot_2012-12-10-17-13-41.png   [APP] Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync-screenshot_2012-10-31-22-09-32.png   [APP] Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync-screenshot_2012-10-31-22-09-15.png   [APP] Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync-screenshot_2012-10-31-21-54-07.png   [APP] Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync-screenshot_2012-12-17-18-07-39.png  

    [APP] Simple Organizer Pro with Google Sync-screenshot_2012-10-31-22-09-51.png  
    01-15-2013 05:36 AM

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