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    Hi all,

    We have recently released LANmote, a Browser based remote KB/mouse for Android devices.

    Remotely control your Android device using any HTML5 compatible browser.
    Install and run this server app on the Android device you want to control, scan the QR code or type in the URL shown and you will be able to instantly control your Android device. This is the ONLY cross-platform browser based remote app available for Android devices, an alternative to Droidmote and Tablet Remote app.
    - Cross-platform remote, without installing any client app, tested to work on Android, IOS and Computer HTML5 browser.
    - Standard Android keypad buttons
    - Android media remote buttons
    - Mouse pad, adjustable sensitivity and supports multi-touch
    - Use mouse pointer or touch circle pointer
    - Keyboard input, supports unicode input and using computer keyboard as remote
    - 3x different size widgets, with/without QR code
    - Can be configured to run at boot
    - Support WIFI hotspot
    - Support multi-client controlling the same device
    - build-in help/instructions
    Notes: this app only works on rooted devices.
    Read about rooting at Android rooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Non-rooted mode without the mouse functionality under development.
    Free/Lite version limitations:
    - The app will type "EVALUATION VERSION" every 50 characters/keypresses and limited to 30 mins per run.
    Known limitations
    - Multi-touch does NOT work on Android 2.3 default browser
    - Multi-touch may have slow initial response, please use multi-touch slowly
    - On Android 4.1+, backspace on keyboard does not work. This is a well-known Android bug. A dedicated backspace button is added for Android 4.1+ device.
    - Does not work on Internet Explorer 10 or lower
    - Pointer switching will take a few seconds during which the mouse pointer and key input will not work

    See Android market

    Free Version:
    Paid version:

    Let us know what you think of our app in this thread or in our feedback forum.
    01-16-2013 09:31 AM

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