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    The application name is "Offer compare"
    This app can help you find out which offer is the most profitable of all the offers for a specific product.
    For example:
    Toilet paper
    the first package have 42 units and cost 13$ and the second one have 50 units and cost 17$,it is obvious the first one is better ,
    but what if on the second package there is second in a half price offer?

    Just insert the price and amount (how much units are in this specific package), select the offer you have (in case of discount in a percentage fill in the 'percentage' field),
    after pressing the 'Add' button it will add the offer to the table and highlight the most profitable offer of all offer inserted.
    Use the menu to save or load comparison.

    Just search offer compare on Google play or follow this link in your android device:

    The application support English Spanish and Hebrew languages.

    01-17-2013 04:25 AM

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