1. Kevin Harvell's Avatar
    Was just looking through my Twitter feed and saw that the developers for the Carbon Twitter app have apparently come back from the dead.

    You can check their feed out here https://twitter.com/CarbonAndroid

    Seems like everything is still on for a release so I am sure AC will be posting this news sometime today. Even though I have moved to Falcon Pro, I am still very intrigued by Carbon from all the info shared by Phil.

    Here is to hoping Carbon does truly emerge from the vapor soon.
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    01-17-2013 10:21 AM
  2. DeadpoolJunior's Avatar
    As you said, I'm using FalconPRO now so this developer lost at least one customer I guess. I waited and waited while this guy trolled everyone since last year! Dude is just an *** to me because rather than say "its coming" he could've just said, we've postponed it. Back in September I said somewhere that we wouldn't see this app until at the very least, 2013. I proved to be right on that unfortunately, because I wanted to try this app. But now that Falcon is here with just about the same polish and features I would've expected from Carbon, i'm more than happy. They're tweeting again but I bet my last hot pocket that we won't see this app anytime soon. And even if these guys do put out the app, the way the development has gone, I wouldn't expect any timely updates or as much feedback as teams like Boid or the FalconPRO guys give. He should just Chris Lacy this project and get it over with.
    01-17-2013 07:07 PM

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