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    How many times have you rambled through your phone searching for an App? Wondering where in the world, among all those icons is the one you are searching.

    Worry no more! That's what EZ-Launch is for.

    To be honest, Ez-Launch is more of a widget than an app, and it helps you makes sense of your overburdened home screen.

    How do I install it ?

    Well, after you click on the link and download:
    You add the Ez-Launch widget to your homepage, and EZ does the rest.
    It will learn your preferences and give you E-Z access to your favorite apps.

    What if I don't want this app or that app on my widget? What choices do I have?

    For that purpose we have defined a settings screen that enables you to select one of 3 options for every app installed on your device.

    Always - This app will always be on the widget
    Off - Never place this app on the widget.
    Auto - Its up for the EZ-Launch app to decide.

    In addition you also have the possibility to save a state of the widget (a certain collection of apps that you like) and load it later on as you please.

    What?? How does it work? Is it... MAGIC!?

    No. It isn't magic. It is a project developed by 4 Computer science students from Tel aviv University within an android technologies workshop in collaboration with Google.

    During the project we have researched, studied and developed algorithms and heuristics (Yeah, sounds a bit complicated) all for your benefit and ease of mind. In order not to burden the reader, we will briefly explain that the application service learns you, and knows how to give you the most convenient arrangement for your homescreen after a short while.

    This is a project in the Beta phase, and we strongly recommend that you give it a try and download, especially if you know someone (Like your parents) that is having a hard time managing their home screen.

    For those of you who don't know what Beta means, it is the phase right before the official release of the app, where you get to try it for free(!) and even influence the development by giving us your valuable user feedback.
    That's right! If you have complaints, suggestions, or any type of feedback just let us know by contacting the development team by mail:
    Or on our Facebook page, where you can also LIKE us:

    So download, enjoy and let us know what you think.

    Yours with love,
    EZ-Launch Team.
    01-17-2013 10:17 AM

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