1. duckwars's Avatar
    For some reason I have swype installed and every so often it just stops working. I try to swype a word and it just makes a blue border flash around the keyboard. I can still use it to touch type, but that's worthless.

    Usually I'd uninstall and reinstall and it'd be fine, but for some reason when I try to reinstall now it says "installation failed" but swype is there anyway, and this problem persists.

    Also, right after I sort of do this reinstall, I get a warning saying "This swype is configured to another device, so it will be limited usage" or something along those lines.

    I have flashed many ROMs to my evo, and put swype on all of them... could this be why it thinks it's set up for another device?

    I admit I never uninstalled the swype installer, maybe I need to do that first...
    07-22-2010 09:12 PM