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    Deadly funny application from Planemo Studio.
    The Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives: by kill themselves in really stupid ways, and in doing so, significantly improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race.
    Fisherman wore a fish suit and went on a fishing trip, where he suffocated in it! Want to show your braveness? You should stand under the hive and ask neighbors to throw a stone or two or more, as did one of the Darwin Awards nominees.
    Darwin Awards - an application that brings together the best and the most curious cases that happened in real life.
    ★ Darwin Awards, nominees and winners
    ★ A lot of fascinating stories
    ★ Nominees and award winners with their own stories
    ★ Easy to read interface
    ★ Flexible adjustment of the text for easy reading
    ★ Read like a book
    ★ Save story to Favorites or share to facebook !
    ★ Urban legends, stupid crime laws incredible, funny and more.
    So many dumb ways to die !

    Keywords: Darwin, tales, cool stories, stupid crimes, urban, legends, curiosites, peoples. Darwin awards

    Available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...o.darwinAwards

    01-19-2013 03:58 AM

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