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    Do you call people out by Clicking accidentally on the touch screen?
    Do you have broken/hard pressing power button ? tired pressing on the power button after the call end?
    Do you accidentally call people after you finish talking on Bluetooth headset when the device stays in the pocket?
    Most unwanted calls are made By mistake after we hung up outgoing calls, because the screen isn't lock !!!
    This application will help you deal with at least one of the problems.
    Before uninstalling app make sure to disable admin permissions in Location
    and security > Select device admin > Lock after called
    - The application locks the screen immediately when the call is finished
    - There is no need to press the black button to close the phone after
    ending a call, simply end the call and put it in the pocket
    you can set the screen lock after 1 second/ 5 seconds/ 10 seconds / 30 seconds / 1 minute /2 minutes / 5 minutes
    Please let me know your device type if the latest version work/didn't work on your device
    so i can post it for new users/solve your problem
    Lock Screen After The Call for android
    01-20-2013 02:47 AM

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