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    Use Dolphin on my S3. Use Chrome on my Desktop. Finally got around to searching for a solution to get all my bookmarks from Chrome to Dolphin. Enter "Dolphin Connect" add-on for Chrome. Installed it. In settings both Tabs and Bookmarks sync are checked on. Went into settings on Dolphin and logged in with my Google account. On Chrome, when I go into the Dolphin Connect settings and the Advanced Web Management link, the page shows 308 bookmarks synced. But when I go into Dolphin on the phone, my tabs are syncing no problem, but no bookmarks show up! Any ideas? I checked the Account Services setting and "Auto Sync Dolphin Bookmarks" is checked.

    What's more interesting is I launched Chrome on my phone to take a peak at the bookmarks and noticed that even Chrome (by default at least) is only syncing the "Mobile Bookmarks" folder of my desktop chrome and I don't store any bookmarks there. Although I would expect there is a way to get mobile Chrome to sync ALL bookmarks. Logging into my Google Account and under the dashboard on data sync it again confirms 308 bookmarks are stored. I want to use Dolphin not Chrome. Why Dolphin is getting my tabs and not my bookmarks is a mystery.
    01-26-2013 12:29 PM
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    Seems it may be because I'm running Dolphin BETA. I started running this today because latest version of Dolphin, as of today, I'm experiencing issues where many time I click links and it just goes to a blank page and I have to long click link and "open in new tab" so I thought BETA is newer version that would work. But Account Services settings in non-BETA looks totally different. Sync work - "Chrome Bookmarks" shows up.
    01-26-2013 12:37 PM

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