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    This app is a simple way for students to keep track of your attendance in multiple courses.

    *** Now you can add multiple semesters! ***

    Though the notifications and widget will work for the current active semester only.

    Records when and how many classes you have attended, missed or got cancelled. Just enter your weekly timetable, and the semester start and end dates and it will tell you how many classes you need to attend to attain the minimum required.

    You can also add extra classes which are conducted other than the scheduled ones.

    Along with an option for Daily Reminder Notification and a home screen widget to quickly fill in your remaining attendance, this app is a great way to keep track of your attendance.

    Key Features:
    -Required to Attend (Lets you know the number of lectures you need to attend for attaining the required minimum)
    -Daily Reminder Notification
    -Add Extra Lectures
    -Homescreen Widget to quickly update your attendance
    -Backup/Restore your sem from sdcard
    -Keep track of individual classes
    ****Multiple Semesters can be added****

    For Help regarding, using the app,
    My Android Apps: Attendance Tracker v1.2 - Help

    Download Link

    Permissions Required:
    FULL NETWORK ACCESS - to show ads
    READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE - for backup/restore functions
    LOCATION - for location based ads
    01-29-2013 02:24 AM

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