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    Hello everyone,

    I just posted my first application to the Google Play Market.

    It is called QOS Tip Calculator. It is a tip calculator that allows you to factor in the quality of service you received from your server to determine the tip. Its a novel idea in my opinion, and for all I know it is a fairly unique idea... let me know if I am wrong

    It also has a regular tip calculator if you do not want to be bothered with the QOS version, and has programmable defaults for the tip percentage.

    Anyway its my first publicly available app and I am one of those who is overly critical of everything i do, so and feedback good or bad would be greatly appreciated!

    I intend to write many more apps, so I hope you like it!

    Here is a QR code to the app

    Below are some screen shots!

    01-30-2013 07:29 AM

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