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    KZ Simple Voice Recorder is an easy to use voice recording application. It works like dictation machine and can record every sound which reach your smartphone's microphone, even incoming voice calls. At the end - all of your recordings can be shared using email, Dropbox, Google Drive etc..

    Remember to share Your thoughts about app!

    - Audio source selection (Main MIC, Camera MIC, Voice Call - voice call recording !!! )
    - Recording to Wave, MP4, 3GP
    - Adjustable sample rate
    - Mono and Stereo mode
    - Codecs selection
    - Recording in background (Back button closes app, but recording remains active)
    - Pause supported for WAVE format
    - Adjustable storage folder and file name prefix
    - Recording time limited only to storage capacity
    - Share option via email, Google Drive, Dropbox etc..
    - All recordings visible on your PC, when USB connected

    Coming soon:
    - Home screen widget (one press recording)
    - Gain control
    - Sound auto-leveling
    - Silence auto cut-off
    - Sound visualization
    - Short notes (description) for recordings
    - More audio formats (OGG, FLAC etc..)

    Google Play Link:

    01-30-2013 02:37 PM
  2. zurekz's Avatar
    - Auto Silence Cut-Out ( skipping parts of recording if there is no voice/sound present, good for long recordings i.g. lectures, snoring)
    03-06-2013 12:28 AM

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