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    Hey there ! All forum Members:

    Im the product manager of One Security, Dana. Im here inviting you to experience the latest mobile security app---One Security.

    All of your advice will be carefully considered, and I have prepared gifts to all of you. The most wonderful ideas will be realized in the official version. You are making your own mobile security APP and will get life-long VIP memberships of One Security!

    If you are using Android Phone, (Android OS 2.2 or Up), download the test package to start right now:
    Download link

    Discuss with me directly in this thread or you can add me on Facebook: dana@qqdr.com
    I will be excited to hear your voices !

    More About One Security :
    One Security is a smart mobile management tool for Android phone ! Its duty is to detect malware, protect your privacy and optimize phone system! 100,000,000 Users' Choice !

    01-31-2013 03:16 AM

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