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    WeatherMate is more than just another weather app. It's designed to keep users on the go up to date during their daily commute, as well as just to make things a bit easier all from one handy app.

    WeatherMate features include:

    - Get weather forecasts for any location in the world. Full 5day forecast for any location.

    - View traffic information such as incidents, accidents, road closures, lane blockages, construction work, etc. Share important information about traffic incidents with friends, co-workers, or social media.

    - Search locations that may have the same name. For example If you're trying to view the weather for "Miami", WeatherMate will show you the top results with locations of the same name before getting the weather for that location.

    - Search locations via City name, zip code, IP address or even latitude and longitude.

    - Save your favorite locations to your "Places" list for easy viewing later. No need to search the same location more than once.

    - Flights! Have a flight coming up soon? Look up your flight and display vital information such as terminals, gates, baggage claim and more. Save your flights to your "Saved" list for easy viewing later.

    - Search flights via Airline name or ICAO code. WeatherMate includes airline data for both public and private airlines! Search for exact matches or similar flight numbers!

    - Quickly email yourself or others your flight itinerary. Never go to the airport with missing information again!

    - News! Easily get access to your favorite news sites and sources by swiping left or right. Add or remove sources as you wish for easy viewing whenever.

    - Stay connected to Social media! Even if you don't have an account, WeatherMate will bring you the latest news and updates on Twitter from sources such as CNN, Reuters, NY Times and many more.
    WeatherMate is designed to make your life easier by providing content you need, when you need it. We will be rolling out many, many more updates in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to send us some feedback, questions, comments or concerns via email

    02-03-2013 05:44 PM

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