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    There’s an assumption of some people that the Islamic app is widely used in Ramadan only. But now, there’s a decent Islamic app for Android device called Siraj Islamic Lifestyle which can deny that assumption. In fact, people tend to download the app as their effort to fulfill their daily needs such as the Athan notification, taujih and ghirah, or some other Islamic information.

    Everyone may think that this is the must-have Islamic application for Muslims particularly and not for being used only on Ramadan. For your information, this is the second application from Paseban which can be downloaded for free in Google Play. You will notice that the app doesn’t only feature the Athan notification but there are more benefits in this app as compared to some other Islamic apps out there. So now, let’s have a look at the following overview of this app for your own consideration.

    Just before you can work with this app, you will need to make sure that your Android device is connected to internet (Data Plan or Wi-Fi) since the app require internet connection. Also, you will need to register the e-mail, name, phone number, sex and password of your own. After that, you may login to the app and start using it. If you’re already a member of Paseban, then you can directly login and use the app without having to register first. After logging in, you will be presented with six main menus of Siraj Islamic Lifestyle which include:

    Places Near Me
    This feature provides the information of the closest place around you, including mosques, Islamic Restaurant, Hospital Islam, Islamic Schools, and shop or supermarket. Those places are presented with photos, contact details, maps, facilities (parking, internet, toilet, AC, etc.), description and user’s comments. You can also share the site directly to Facebook, Twitter, give rating and add it to your Favorites.In the Options menu, you can choose from 5 km, 10 km to 20 km of the place’s parameter.

    Prayer Times
    This feature contains the timetable of Rawatib Prayer. You will get the calendar of AD and Hijri and it’s also completed with the time prayer and the schedule of the next prayer.

    If you move from one place/city to another, click the icon in the upper right; click Options, and Detect My Locations. This application will automatically adjust where your current location, but normally Siraj had to adjust the time when you use this application for the first time.

    Additionally, Prayer Times has the Athan reminder with a voice. You can choose which the time of prayer that you want to set up. For example when you are hard to get up for Shubuh prayer, go to the Options menu, and check the reminder of Shubuh Athan in Prayer. Later on, your Android device will alert you with a loud voice of Athan in each Shubuh. You can also set it up for vibration only, Athan only, or both.

    Muhasabah can be regarded as report cards or your worship record. By using this feature, users can monitor their prayers whether it’s on time, congregation, on your own or in the mosque. Through this menu, users are not only able to monitor the main prayers, but they also can monitor the Sunnah prayers such as Duha and Tahajjud.. There will be also the watch-list for fasting, Dhikr, Tilawatil Quran or Recitation. All of the 'watch-list' has to be filled by you with the real conditions indeed.

    Later, you will get the daily, weekly or monthly report. Just tap the “Sub-menu Evaluation” in order to look into this report. Here you can also see the information (graphic) of the evaluation which is represented by Worse, Bad, Good or Excellent.

    The Quotes
    The Quotes is some kind of taujih and ghirah, or on the other word it contains the verses of Al Quran or Hadith. It usually contains a paragraph and has a special meaning and it’s also adjusted to a special day or event. For example, when Ramadan, the Quotes will contain the verses of Al Quran or hadith related with fasting.

    The Quotes comes with 2 languages, namely Indonesian and English along with the Arabic transliteration. Moreover, you can listen to the melodious voices who pronounce Quotes by clicking on the top right icon of this menu and it will require an internet connection.

    The Supplication contains a great number of Islamic duas for your various needs. Same with the Quotes, it comes with 2 languages namely Indonesian and English along with the Arabic transliteration.

    This menu can be said as the summary of the entire settings found on Siraj Islamic Lifestyle app. There is a general language menu (English/Indonesia). Also, there is the information of My Places, which will inform your current location by providing you with the Longitude and Latitude and it will be automatically changed when you move to other places.

    So, when you are out of town or even out of country, you will not be confused anymore to adjust the timetable of Prayers. Simply download this application and then install it on your Android-powered device (Android 2.2 Froyo or later).

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