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    So let me explain what is currently going on here and maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have 3 teenage children and my wife and I are attempting to bring them up with some sort of responsibility and not just let them do what they want in this world like many other kids seem to be doing. We currently have Usage Controls setup on the phones (all android devices of different flavors) through Verizon, now these work great for shutting down the calling and texting at a certain time at night so that they are not up at all hours doing things they are not supposed to be doing. The problem is it will NOT shut down the WIFI connection so they just hop on Facebook or Twitter and keep the conversations going there once we head off to bed. The usage controls also cost us $5.99 per line per month. So the quick math on that is pretty easy $18 per month = $216 per year for a service that only does part of what we need it do.

    Does anyone know of an app that we could drop on the phone that can be password protected that will essentially lock out ALL functions of the phone other than emergency calling during a certain time period? Including wifi, tele, and texting capability would all be shut down or limited to a block of people like emergency contacts from 10pm-7am on school days.

    Hopefully this isn't too confusing and someone out here can help!!

    02-06-2013 06:51 AM
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    02-06-2013 09:53 PM
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    Did you look in the app store? With one query I found:


    On the left side of the screen are some other apps that might do what you want. Or, you could just make them give you the phones when you go to bed, and give them back in the morning. Or see if your wireless router has any time-based controls to shut down wifi during a certain window.
    02-08-2013 12:16 PM

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