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    Hi everybody,

    I would like to introduce our new app you. If you always find expired products in your fridge, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

    It's called NoMaggot, so the goal is quite obvious : it allows you to manage products in your fridge and your cupboards. Its main advantage is to use a database regularly updated to identify as much as possible of your products via their barcodes. Then, thanks to notifications, you no longer need to check the expiry dates of the products several times in order to know what to eat.

    The application is simple: you scan a product's barcode and enter the expiry date (the only thing you have to do ^^). Depending on the configuration, you will be notified a few days before the expiry date of the product! Perfect to avoid forgetting the cream at the bottom of the fridge hidden behind the yogurt ...

    Today, we waste about 100 kg of food every year. This app is a solution to fight against food waste and take responsibility for this problem.

    Don't hesitate to send us feedback (good or bad) !

    The next planned fonctionnalities are :
    - add some properties in a product file (opened, count)
    - screen adjustment for big screen (tablet)
    - expiry date entry made easier (ideas ? ^^)
    - database synchronisation between several devices (tablet, smartphone)
    - and more !

    If you have other ideas, we would be glad to hear them.

    It's free and on the Play Store so, if you are interested, you can try it now : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...urmob.nomaggot

    02-06-2013 03:38 PM

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