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    More than 65,190 beautiful wallpapers for your mobile device. The main advantage of this application is that all wallpapers are sorted by categories and you can easily find what you need. Also, you can easily set any image as a wallpaper on your mobile device. Wallpaper base is updated daily, the number of wallpapers and images are always growing.



    ★ Cache images on your device Internal/External Storage
    ★ Allow to set image as a Wallpaper.
    ★ Fast download images, same image is not downloaded twice.

    Applications include following categories:

    ★ Girls - Hot, sexy girls showing their curves.
    ★ Hi-Tech - Hi-Tech history from good old Polaroid up to latest Apple and Windows masterpieces.
    ★ Abstraction - Combination of colors, shapes and themes for every mood.
    ★ Aviation - Collection of mesmerizing air crafts ready to take off or already in the air.
    ★ Anime - Amazing World of Anime. Abundance of passion and emotions.
    ★ City - Exciting view on the Worlds most beautiful cities.
    ★ Food - Big variety of food for real gourmets.
    ★ Painting - Beautiful painted pictures.
    ★ Animals - Wild and domestic, scary and funny - all in this section.
    ★ Games - Popular scenes from games, such as Hitman and Assassin Creed.
    ★ Interior - Interior since the days of the kings to the classics and postmodernism.
    ★ Space - Cosmic expanses, ships, black holes and many other space-related.
    ★ Cats - Big and small, funny and sad, wet and dry cats and kittens
    ★ Macro - Nothing is hidden from your sight when pictures are in macro mode.
    ★ Minimalism - Here, everything is reduced to a minimum, it's simple and beautiful.
    ★ Men - Sexy man images.
    ★ Music - All the stars of the music world in this category.
    ★ Mood - Wallpapers for every mood.
    ★ New Year - Christmas tree, gifts, toys, Santa Claus and excellent mood in this category.
    ★ Weapon - All kind of weapons, starting from simple gun to modern tanks and air crafts.
    ★ Landscapes - Magnificent collection of landscapes from around the world.
    ★ Holidays - New Year, Christmas, Wedding all in this category.
    ★ Nature - Feel perfection of nature in its diversity.
    ★ Miscellanea - Everything that does not fit in other categories you can find here.
    ★ Rendering - Best 3D rendered images, which seems to be real.
    ★ Situations - There are different situations and each has its own image.
    ★ Dog - Man's best friends in different situations and angels.
    ★ Sports - Basketball, tennis, box, football, hockey and many other sport types here.
    ★ Style - Stylish pictures, for different styles.
    ★ Textures - A huge collection of textures.
    ★ Fantasy - Want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, then this category is for you.
    ★ Films - Popular scenes from the popular films.
    ★ Flowers - Collection of most beautiful flowers.

    Hi-Tech, Abstraction, Aviation, Anime, City, Girls, Sexy Girls, Food, Painting, Animals, Games, Interior, Space, Cats, Macro, Minimalism, Men, Music, Mood, New Year, Weapon, Landscapes, Holidays, Nature, Miscellanea, Rendering, Situations, Dog, Sports, Style, Textures, Fantasy, Films, Flowers, Wallpapers, Free Wallpapers, Sexy Girls, HD wallpapers, 18+, Sexy Asian, Sexy Anime Girls
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