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    Listen to your entire music collection on your android phone and on the web. Have a virtually unlimited music library right on your android phone.

    With MeCanto you'll be able to stream your entire music collection immediately after setting up your account.

    Just register at mecanto.com, download the PC Client application to the PC where you store your music and you're entire music will be available online instantly. Install this app to access your MeCanto account from your android phone.

    1 - Download the application in a file mecanto. Deb and install and do not run
    2 - Add your official web mecanto.com and download and install software is easy.
    3 - On your android phone Introduces its data with which you registered on the web mecanto.com
    4 - Once installed just run the application and then enter your account details created in MeCanto and click [My music]


    6 - Select your music and click [OK]

    7 - Click on [done]

    8 - Click on [Log out]

    9 - FIN an hour all your songs from your PC on the network will simply open up your android phone and enjoy!
    It's free, it's fun, it's easy!

    Android changelog:
    *Incremental search in library views.
    *Added return to previous position when navigating up in library views.
    *Added ability to sign up to MeCanto from within the app (for new users).
    *Added support for sending notification messages to users.
    *Added about box.

    You can get MeCanto on market or on the android mobile streaming
    07-27-2010 12:12 AM
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    Dumb question, does your pc need to be turned on after the "sync" for this to work?

    nm.. I actually read their FAQS, and it looks like once it's synced, you can turn the pc off..

    Can I turn off the computer running the PC Client and still listen to my music?
    Reply to this question. ..4 people have this question I have this question, too!
    Tell me when someone answers.
    The more people who ask this question, the more it gets noticed..The company marked this question as answered....

    MeCanto FAQ, Official Rep, replied 1 month ago Yes, but only if all your music is already uploaded to the MeCanto servers. In general it is recommended to leave the PC Client running at all times so it can sync new files with your online account whenever you update your music collection.
    07-27-2010 10:15 PM