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    Hello friends, i was checking for applications for my new android device I just purchased when I stumbled on this application called Smart Volume Control via Smart Volume Control and this is what I found out. The app have the following features which I found very interesting:

    More widgets
    Time scheduling of profiles
    Profile switching based on your location
    Profile switching based on your calendar events
    Set Wifi, Bluetooth, mobile data, ringtone and brightness in profiles
    Set call forwarding in profiles
    Raise or mute volume for selected contacts
    Unlimited use of Speed Volume mode
    Unlimited use of headphones mode
    Automatically turn silent mode on while charging
    Automatically turn Wifi on while charging
    Manual backup (memory card, Dropbox, Gmail, ...)
    Automatical backup on the memory card
    Manual restore from the memory card

    You can check it out too and let me know your thoughts about the app
    02-14-2013 08:28 PM

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