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    Hey, here is a new android sports game for you --- TINY SOCCER. If you like sports game you can try it, it's very easy to control.

    Cute graphics, funny story, easy controls and fresh stylean interesting and challenging journey is waiting for you!

    You will create your own team in the game. Gradually develop and challenge the soccer teams from all over the world; you can even take the champion's place on the Heaven Cup podium.

    Ancient and modern legendary celebrities come along!
    Legendary celebrities such as Messi and C. Ronaldo will put on jerseys and gather on the field!

    Rich players will occupy your dizzying eyes and different improving ways will help you create personalized team.
    Numerous games make you unable to stop and huge cup rewards are just at your fingertips.

    Google Play
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    Funny Android Game --- Tiny Soccer-4.png   Funny Android Game --- Tiny Soccer-5.png   Funny Android Game --- Tiny Soccer-001.png   Funny Android Game --- Tiny Soccer-002.png   Funny Android Game --- Tiny Soccer-003.png  

    02-16-2013 09:34 PM

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