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    ModeBot is the scheduled ring mode manager for your phone.

    Once you specify a time when and what mode must be set during the day, and ModeBot will switch them according to your choice.
    For example, if you want your phone sounds do not annoy you after 9:00 pm, simply set a job to 9:00 pm to change mode to vibrate.
    And so your phone does not wake you up while you are sleeping, just set another job for change to silent mode, say 12:00 pm.
    You know that youll wake up at 8:00 am in the morning? Set the third task for change to the sound mode by 8:00 am and you will not miss important calls.

    Forget the manual control of ringing modes now it can be trusted for ModeBot!

    The application features a simple, intuitive interface. All aspects of the program will fit in a single window with a minimum number of elements and clear.
    ModeBot is not always use the memory of your phone and does not start background services. That allows to use the resources of the battery very carefully.

    For convenience, you can place the special widgets witch allows you to switch your phone to the desired mode for the pre-selected time by one touch. After that pre-selected time will expired ModeBot returns the previous settings.

    Only for Android 4.0 and above:
    Added function "White List". If this feature is enabled, when you call a contact from your favorites list (labeled a star in your contacts list), the phone automatically goes into sound mode.

    We are sure you will like to use ModeBot!

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...igital.modebot

    In an attachment, a free version for forum members.

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    02-21-2013 04:37 AM

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