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    Hey, I'm really disappointed. Before JB came out (which I still haven't seen yet), but when ICS was already around and still the big thing, I thought it was supposed to be the "big new, great and beautifully slick OS version over GB and the older ones." But when I was using the stock camera app on a device using GB, there was always a way to know how much time you had left for video on your storage. But why is it that when Google released ICS--and as I said, a supposedly "better" OS version (and in a few ways, it really is)--they took away our ability to know how much video time we have left, in favor of just getting surprised when the storage gets full?

    Thanks, if so. Oh, and if you want to wish me a happy birthday in 2 days on this Saturday the 23rd (Feb.), feel more than free! ;-D

    Mike Christensen
    02-22-2013 12:47 AM

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