1. Alpha applications's Avatar
    Hello, Guys!
    I wan to show you our application
    (I`m little newbie here, so please tell me if I do that in wrong forum)

    I`m talking about "Alpha phone: SMS Dialer Contacts"

    This is application for replacement stock sms, dialer and contact application which almost always has really awfull design.
    We are created some simple and clean thing, and hope our users will loves it.

    Alpha Phone:SMS Dialer Contact

    - Clean design
    - Fast works
    - Single screen for SMS, contacts and dialer
    - Quick search contacts
    - Create, edit contacts
    - Manage your SMS
    - Manage your contacts
    - Smart dialer: search by name/phone part
    - FREE SMS (soon)
    - Ideal replacement of stock Contacts, Dialer and SMS


    Please tell me, what you think about it?
    02-22-2013 03:15 AM

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