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    Hi everyone!

    We have released another handy application! App Locker protects selected apps from unauthorized access by faking a crash whenever someone tries to access the protected apps.

    After you have secured your apps with App Locker, you can gain access to your protected apps by tapping on the fake crash dialog box a preset number of times and entering a secret PIN.

    Complete list of App Locker's features:
    • Control the level of protection required. Protect apps via Fake crash only or PIN only or a combination of the two methods.

    • Fast UI with quick search functionality.

    • App Locker is completely free!

    Bonus feature: App Locker features a built-in Fast Uninstaller for quickly uninstalling multiple apps!

    Download App Locker and secure your apps now!

    ***Upgrade to App Locker PRO for the following premium features!***
    1. Stealth operation mode. App Locker Pro's launch icon can be hidden from the app drawer. You access App Locker by calling a secret number or via an innocent looking calculator widget!
    2. Disguised as a calculator app. App Locker Pro is disguised as a calculator app. Launch App Locker Pro by entering the PIN and tapping on the calculator number display.
    3. No Ads!

    Scan this QR Code to directly download App Locker from Google Play.

    Got a feedback or suggestion? Comment below!
    02-22-2013 04:31 AM

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