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    Hello Boys and Girls! Our first game has hit the market!

    It is not your regular quiz game since its purpose is to bring people with the same nationalities together and compete against other countries! The questions span from politics to sports cars and everything in between and contains highly interesting and fun topics. It is the ultimate test for your knowledge about the world!

    - Approximately 100 questions to start off with, and we are writing more at this very moment!
    - A cool Highscore list were you can see how good and thus the current position your country is at!
    - Nice music and clean graphics!


    Get Quiz Battle International here:

    Or via the Qr code:

    If you have any questions, suggestions for new questions, or just want to tell us what you think about the game please don't be a stranger - contact us at fantasticappsinc@gmail.com

    Have fun!
    02-22-2013 07:01 AM

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