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    Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer

    Beware of wild fruits! Be the first one to play a completely new type of defense game! After centuries of becoming fruit slices and ending up in all kinds of tasty juices its finally their time to get the revenge! Now theyre invading your kitchen, trying to break your blender that was turning their ancestors into fruit drinks for so many years! Download Blender Defender - Fruit Slicer TD, best fruit game on the Market, and defend your kitchen from these angry attackers!

    PlayStore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...lenderDefender

    - Save Cabo from mad fruits!
    - Stop the invasion of angry fruit pirates in Honolulu!
    - Keep fruit army from conquering Miami!
    - Enter the Survivor mode, resist the attacks of fruit zombies for 100 levels and try to turn the Melon King into tasty mash!

    Know your enemy:
    - Avoid blending nuts- they will cause damage to blender
    - Tomatoes jump and explode on impact causing more damage
    - Grapes shoot at juicer damaging it from distance
    - Watermelon occupies 3 places inside the bubble
    - Cherries can fly and shoot from air
    - Banana runs faster and occupies 2 places in the balloon
    - Apples and oranges dont have any superpowers; they are basic ingredients for a tasty fresh fruit juice
    - Lemons run very fast, throw them into blender as fast as you can


    Attacks are organized in waves. Every next wave is more powerful than the last one, and the more waves you hold on defending your tower, the more coins youll earn for buying superpowers and upgrade for your kitchen appliance.

    When the level is finished, you will see the menu showing which upgrade parts are available, and you can buy the one you need to improve your defence effect. From your screen you can choose to freeze your enemies, to kick them away from the zone of your precious mixer, to speed up the recovery of juicers health and many other superpowers.

    As you progress in this awesome defense game youll get better in resisting fruit frenzy attacks and youll complete all kinds of interesting achievements. But the attackers will also become stronger and will be able to break the glass easier! If you manage to resist 100 waves, youll become fruit ninja juicer and master this defender game!

    There are three cities to defend in this arcade game: Cabo, Honolulu and Miami. When you finish all the levels from these three cities you will unlock Survivor endless mode, in which you have manage to resist froot attacks and turn your foe into fruit slice for 100 levels. Finally you'll have to deal with Melon King and when you manage to throw him into blender you'll bring the ruthless zombie invasion to an end!


    Download Blender Defender Fruit Slicer and have fun playing this great tower defence game, which is a great game for kids too! You can play our games and enjoy using our apps, its totally free!

    If you're a fan of bloon tower defence and defender 2 games, you will definitely enjoy this free defense game!
    02-25-2013 09:21 AM
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    The new updated 1.8 version of Blender - Fruit Slicer Game is now available on Play Store.
    09-06-2013 10:17 AM

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