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    Do you wanted to take full advantage of the high quality screen on your device by setting a gorgeous wallpaper on it? But no matter what wallpaper you set, even live wallpapers, you always get tired of looking at it quite quickly. What you really want is a new beautiful wallpaper every time you would pick up your phone. And that's why you should use Gainos Fresh Wallpapers. It selects a random photo from the best photos on Flickr and sets that as your wallpaper at regular intervals.

    • Images are selected at random from the 'Explore' stream at Flickr.
    • Remembers last 10 wallpapers so you can go back and choose one you previously liked.
    • Choose to change the wallpaper as frequently as 10 minute to as slow as once every week.
    • Enable Daydream mode on JellyBean+ devices to start screensaver when device is docked.
    • Share images with your social networks.
    • Works well with tablets and phones. For high resolution displays a higher quality image is downloaded.
    • Choose to download new wallpapers only over wifi to save cellular bandwidth.
    • Minimal interface that stays out of your way. Just start the service once and forgot about the app.




    I'll really appreciate your feedback and suggestions!


    02-25-2013 09:36 PM
  2. alinium's Avatar
    Hi guys, any issues to report?
    02-28-2013 06:33 AM

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