1. seinx's Avatar
    Have any of you experienced glitches with any of the GO apps? (Launcher EX, SMS, Locker, Contacts) I want to see if anyone's experiencing the same issues so I don't feel like it's just my device.

    1. GO Launcher EX is set to my default launcher. When I pull up various apps, I briefly see the lock-screen wallpaper affiliated with the stock TouchWiz locker, before it resumes to opening the app. I find this happens more so when opening up GO SMS.

    2. GO Locker is my default locker. When my screen's locked, it takes about 3-4 swipes to pull the notification tray down. It's like it gets stuck, literally...

    3. GO SMS is my default messaging app. It seems as though if I use another 3rd party app to send photos from (a photo/video locker app for example), GO says it can't attach the photo to the message after I've sent 3 or 4 pictures from that 3rd party app already. If it already sent 3 or 4, why wouldn't it continue letting me send photos through it?

    Have any of you experienced this? Were you able to correct it? If so, how?

    Have you run into any other problems with the GO apps?
    02-26-2013 02:39 PM
  2. TeritorialDemon's Avatar
    Get rid of GO all together. Its a heavy Home launcher. Uses too much of your phones resources and it's laggy. Run a better Home Replacement. If you're on Android 4.0 or higher then i suggest either Apex or Nova. If you are below Android 4.0 then run a home replacement called 360.....it's good and doesnt lag nor use up alot of resources.
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    03-18-2013 07:46 PM
  3. seinx's Avatar
    Just took all the GO apps off my phone and still drop 2% within 8 minutes.. I even cleaned crap out, killed unnecessary apps, and still sucks..

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    03-18-2013 08:45 PM
  4. TeritorialDemon's Avatar
    If you have any app killers other than the one that is factory on your device that will drain battery as well
    03-19-2013 05:59 AM

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