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    I want to introduce new, fast Currency Exchange Rates (Currency Converter). It's light, and easy in use.

    Main features:

    - Modern design - Holo Theme (ICS) style with fragments
    - Currency Converter
    - Currencies List
    - Currencies Pairs
    - About 150 currencies (with flags)
    - Currency charts with technical indicators
    - It works offline

    Download from Google Play

    Attached Thumbnails [APP][2.1+] Exchange Rates - modern design-qrcode.png   [APP][2.1+] Exchange Rates - modern design-converter_portrait.png   [APP][2.1+] Exchange Rates - modern design-pairs_portrait.png   [APP][2.1+] Exchange Rates - modern design-list_portrait.png   [APP][2.1+] Exchange Rates - modern design-converter_land.png  

    02-27-2013 05:26 PM

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