1. maildroiddev's Avatar
    Before you go all crazy, I want to say that I agree it is not needed on Linux. However, the following interesting article is sure to make some people think twice about the use for it on an Android device:

    Rogue Android Apps Secretly Grab User Data - PCWorld

    "A number of popular Android applications can reportedly collect your mobile device's personal information and then send that data to a Chinese-owned Website. The information in question includes your device's phone number, subscriber identifier number and, in some cases, your voicemail password, according to Phandroid.

    The accusation comes from the mobile security firm Lookout made during the company's talk at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Lookout says the apps in question were made by Jackeey Wallpapers, according to a Venture Beat story."
    07-29-2010 01:24 PM
  2. GenericMessage's Avatar
    Agreed. I happen to have mobile security on my phone as well
    07-29-2010 01:28 PM