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    Sarim Studios is proud to announce a new app that was just launched. White Noise-Soothing Sounds
    Have you ever had a bad night of sleep? Was your room too quiet? These sounds make you fall asleep relaxed, have a great nights sleep, and wake up relaxed. This app is great for a parent to play to their kids if there having a hard nights sleep. These 7 sounds are the most relaxing you will ever find!
    -Features 7 unique and distinct sounds
    -A Relaxing Wave noise
    - A Wonderful Forest noise
    -A Great and relaxing Rainfall sound
    - A Soothing Violin
    - A Peaceful Piano
    - Hardcore Electric Sound
    - A Peaceful Garden noise
    This app is almost guaranteed to help you go to sleep or maybe just to help get work done. Try White Noise

    03-03-2013 05:26 PM

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