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    Hello everyone!

    This application will check your mind on logical thinking. The test consists of 30 questions.
    Each of question has the following structure:
    - first consequence
    - the second consequence
    - third consequence
    "Condition" - is statement of the problem, some of the circumstances that had previously been considered in some way and have always proven true.
    "Consequence" - is the logical consequence of the condition. One and only one of the three is right.
    Your task - to check your ability to separate right from wrong logical consequences.

    URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ljY2hlY2tlciJd

    QR CODE:

    Improve your logical thinking because it's one of the most valuable traits of character!
    03-04-2013 03:52 AM
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    Do you think such questions are so easy?
    For example:

    1. If wombat is poisoned it will immediately begin to let the bubbles
    a) when wombat started let the bubbles then it has been poisoned
    b) if wombat is not poisoned then it will not let the bubbles
    c) if wombat does not let the bubbles then it's not poisoned

    2. There are jackals with sick head
    a) not every jackal has healthy head
    b) not every jackal has sick head
    c) there are jackals with healthy head

    3. It is not true that our pangolin big and round
    a) Our pangolin is small and roundness
    b) Our pangolin is small or round, or a combination thereof
    c) Our pangolin is small or not round, but not both together

    4. Little Ralphy always either sneezes or whistles
    a) little Ralphy sometimes sneezes
    b) little Ralphy sometimes sneezes and sometimes whistles
    c) little Ralphy never sneezes and never whistles at the same time

    5. Parrots lied that pigeon is impudent and letterless
    a) actually pigeon is tactful and educated
    b) actually pigeon is letterless but not impudent
    c) those parrots have lied

    6. If you shake a stick, then shooting is started. Stick is shaken
    a) shooting has already begun
    b) shooting will begin at some point
    c) Shooting will begin sometime or has already begun

    7. All yellowhammers are smart or good looking. But sometimes they are smart and good looking at the same time
    a) yellowhammer cannot be silly
    b) there are no silly and charmless yellowhammers
    c) there are no smart and good looking yellowhammers

    8. When you sleep you always snore
    a) if you snore then you sleep
    b) if you don't sleep then you don't snore
    c) if you don't snore then you don't sleep

    9. Cuscus always either runs or breathes
    a) cuscus breathes on the run
    b) cuscus doesn't breathe while standing
    c) cuscus doesn't breathe on the run

    10. John Doe gave up to pass this test
    a) John Doe was tired passing the test
    b) John Doe was bored
    c) John Doe didn't pass the test

    Anyway if you want to check your skills you can download it: http://goo.gl/clGzN
    03-12-2013 10:22 AM

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