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    1. How stuff works
    Good app for people who wants to increase their knowledge. The "Top rumors" are pretty fun to read

    2. Smart Applock
    Tired of people posting random stuffs on your Facebook, reading your sms etc. ?
    This app will lock the apps you want.

    3. Flikie Wallpapers HD
    Perfect for finding ringtones and nice wallpapers

    4. Auto Airplane
    Tired of the bad battery life on your phone? If you are one of those who doesn't turn your phone off at the night, try this app. It will automatically switch to airplane mode. This helps to improve your battery life.

    5. Qucik Bill Splitter & Tip Calculator
    Splits Bill & Calculates Tip

    6. Speedtest.net Mobile*
    Are you getting the speed you are paying for? Find it out!

    7. Barcode Scanner
    Scanning barcodes (obviously)

    8. Quadrant Standard Edition
    Test how fast your phone is!

    9. Market Enabler
    Can't download an app because you don't live in the country?*

    10. LOL Pics
    Browse trough thousands of funny picuters.

    11. Documents To Go
    Make your own PowerPoint presentation on your phone! Supports Excel and Word to.

    12. Sms Backup and Restore

    13. File Manager ES
    Advanced file manager.

    14. *Battery Monitor Widget
    Monitors your battery usage.
    03-04-2013 05:28 AM

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