1. donald.aleshire's Avatar
    Photoshop.com Mobile - Android app on AppBrain

    I dont know how many people take a lot of photos with there phone, but this mobile photoshop app is awesome! It is a lot of fun to fool around with and its free. Just though I'd share!
    07-30-2010 08:09 AM
  2. pwnst_r's Avatar
    07-30-2010 08:10 AM
  3. donald.aleshire's Avatar
    no good? haha
    07-30-2010 08:18 AM
  4. pwnst_r's Avatar
    Nah, it's pretty good for quick edits, but it's been around awhile.
    07-30-2010 09:20 AM
  5. Nebilim's Avatar
    this app is terrible
    07-30-2010 10:53 AM
  6. solo1's Avatar
    I agree .. This app is pathetic ... Knowing what photoshop and adobe can really do makes this app from them simply trash.
    07-30-2010 11:20 AM
  7. einstoid's Avatar
    not so cool
    07-30-2010 05:02 PM
  8. moliva1568's Avatar
    a friend of mine with an iphone can use his photoshop app to cut and paste say, a face from one pic to the body of another. i have the photoshop app on my incredible and i can't seem to do that. anybody know if there's a difference between the two? i didn't see a premium paid version in the market?? any ideas?
    01-28-2011 06:57 PM